With the support of various research fundings and incentives, IPharm managed to equip its laboratories with the state-of-the-art equipments and facilities. IPharm has basic fundamental facilities for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) research facilities, drug discovery efforts such as cell culture facilities, microbiology, molecular biology, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and bioinformatic laboratories. In addition, sophisticated systems such as zebrafish housing systems, fluorescent microscopy and semi-automated high throughput system are also in place.
    For information about renting these facilities, please contact:
    En. Azizairol Bin Md Mizan
    Phone +604-6521200
    Fax +604-6563020
    Email Address:admin@ipharm-nibm.my

  • Experimental Therapeutics Centre (ETC)
  • Natural Product and Drug Discovery Centre (NPDC)
  • Physicochemical Analysis & Testing Centre (PATC)
  • Animal Research Facility (ARF)
  • IPharm-NIBM GMP
  • RITZ-NIBM Guarana Center of Excellence (RGCoE)