Posted by khairi | Date : 2018-10-24 10:28

IPharm obtains OECD Good Laboratory Practice compliance certificate

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IPharm is proud to be Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliant. The OECD GLP certificate was awarded in July 2018 by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency, Ministry of Health. IPharm is now a GLP compliant test facility, which the test results are accepted not only in OECD countries (including European countries, Japan, Korea and USA) but also in countries which adhere to the OECD's Mutual Acceptance of Data system, i.e. Argentina, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa. The certification reduces duplicative testing, saves laboratory costs, promotes work-sharing by countries assessing the same data and removes a potential non-tariff trade barrier. Malaysia government has been taking effort to promote quality, safety and efficacy in pharmaceuticals. Starting 2018, registration of New Chemical Entity (NCE), biologics, herbal products with high therapeutic claims is required to fulfil GLP requirements in non-clinical safety studies. IPharm's GLP compliant studies currently cover toxicology for products under category of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, veterinary drugs and food additives. With the GLP certification, IPharm is capable to provide non-clinical testings that are world-class standard. IPharm will continue to provide cost effective services for companies to meet the regulatory needs for both local and export market in compliance to OECD Principles of GLP, hence the companies will be able to register and export their products globally.