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Research Director

Research Director

Associate Professor Dr. Md Azman Seeni Mohamed

Tel : 04-6521214
E-mail : azmanseeni@ipharm-nibm.my
Associate Prof. Dr. Md Azman Seeni Mohamed obtained his Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology and Bachelor of Applied Science (Biotechnology) from Universiti Sains Malaysia. He also has a Master in Medical Sciences (Pathology) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and finally further his PhD study at Nagoya City University, Japan in Molecular Toxico-Pathology. He has over 14 years experience in Cancer Research and published numerous paper with High Impact Factor. So far, he has supervised more than 20 postgraduate students in cancer research as well as in biomaterial products. He also won many prestigious awards either in local or international competition eg American Association Cancer Research Travel Grant Award 2009, Double Gold Award of British Invention Show 2011 and obtained one patent on chemopreventive agent. Recently, he has focused his research work on cancer chemoprevention, Prostate Disease using Streblus asper, Stingless Bee Honey and Paddy Waste Product


Asst. Administrative Manager

Azizairol Md Mizan

Tel : 04-6521270
E-mail : azizairol @ipharm-nibm.my
Asst. Finance Manager

Nor Azira Ab. Karim

Tel : 04-6521237
E-mail : norazira@ipharm-nibm.my

Rosnah Kanang

Tel : 04-6521211
E-mail : rosnah@ipharm-nibm.my
Human Resource Executive

Wan Munirah Ramli

Tel : 04-6521263
E-mail : wanmunirah@ipharm-nibm.my
R & D Executive

Azura Razali

Tel : 04-6521276
E-mail : azura@ipharm-nibm.my
Administration Executive

Wan Syahirah Nabilah Md Radai

Tel : 04-6521269
E-mail : wansyahirah@ipharm-nibm.my
Information Tech. Executive

Hafizzaidi Hassan

Tel : 04-6521253
E-mail : hafizzaidi@ipharm-nibm.my
Information Tech. Executive

Muhammad Khairi Ismail

Tel : 04-6521264
E-mail : khairi@ipharm-nibm.my
Administration Executive

Muhammad Tarmizi Che Mahadi

Tel : 04-6521255
E-mail : tarmizi@ipharm-nibm.my
Administration Executive

Suraya Che Ahmad

Tel : 04-6521600 ext 2009
E-mail : suraya@ipharm-nibm.my
Asst. Finance Executive

Nusaibah Ruslee

Tel : 04-6521238
E-mail : nusaibah@ipharm-nibm.my
Executive Assistant

Norhaizan Abu Yazaid

Tel : 04-6521215
E-mail : izan@ipharm-nibm.my
Administration Executive

Nik Shazianti Abdullah

Tel : 04-6521254
E-mail : nik@ipharm-nibm.my
Administration Executive

Saaidah Nafisah Abdul Rahim

Tel : 04-6521263
E-mail : saaidah@ipharm-nibm.my
Administration Executive

Zalikha Zulkifli

Tel : 04-6521273
E-mail : zalikha@ipharm-nibm.my
Administrative Assistant

Siti Sumihati Surdi

Tel : 04-6521267
E-mail : amy@ipharm-nibm.my
HR Administrative Assistant

Nur Hidayah Abd Wahab

Tel : 04-6521271
E-mail : hidayah@ipharm-nibm.my
Asst. Finance Executive

Siti Khadijah Zainal

Tel : 04-6521238
E-mail : khadijah@ipharm-nibm.my
Administrative Assistant

Siti Sairah Binti Mansor

Tel : 04-6521266
E-mail : siti.sairah@ipharm-nibm.my
Operation Assistant

Mohd Zaidi Che Noh

Tel : 04-6521267
E-mail : zaidi@ipharm-nibm.my





Syed Saberi bin Amiruddin

Tel :04-6521225
E-mail : syed.saberi@ipharm-nibm.my

Lau Wai Kwan

Tel : 04-6521348
E-mail : waikwan@ipharm-nibm.my

Nur Adelina Ahmad Noruddin

Tel : 04-6521346
E-mail : nuradelina@ipharm-nibm.my

Iffah Izzati Zakaria

Tel :04-6521414
E-mail : iffahizzati@ipharm-nibm.my

Dr. Zamri bin Zainir

Tel :04-6521200 ext 2008
E-mail : zamri@ipharm-nibm.my

Zulkhurnain Utar

Tel :04-6521600 ext 2003
E-mail : zulkhurnain@ipharm-nibm.my

Amyra Amat Sain

Tel :04-6521352
E-mail : amyra@ipharm-nibm.my

Abdul Hadi Ariffin

Tel :04-6521200 ext 3442
E-mail : hadi@ipharm-nibm.my

Siti Zuraidah Mohamad Zobir

Tel :04-6521425
E-mail : zuraidah@ipharm-nibm.my

Faisalina Ahmad Fisol

Tel :04-6521425
E-mail : faisalina@ipharm-nibm.my

Nurul Hanim Salin

Tel :04-6521415
E-mail : hanim@ipharm-nibm.my

Muhammad Syafiq Ishak

Tel :04-6521305
E-mail : syafiq@ipharm-nibm.my

Ayunni Salihah Zalaludin

Tel :04-6521430
E-mail : ayunni@ipharm-nibm.my

Azimah Amanah

Tel :04-6521200 ext 3449
E-mail : azimah@ipharm-nibm.my

Muhammad Hidhir Khawory

Tel : 04-6521308
E-mail: muhammad_hidhir@ipharm-nibm.my

Norizamimie Nordin

Tel : 04-6521431
E-mail: norizamimie@ipharm-nibm.my

Mohd Anuar Shahudin

Tel : 04-6521429
E-mail: anuar@ipharm-nibm.my

Soon Yong Ing

Tel : 04-6521600 ext 2010
E-mail: soon@ipharm-nibm.my

Anis Syaffini Mat Isa

Tel : 04-6521437
E-mail: anis.syaffini@ipharm-nibm.my

Moey Chiew Erh Jacqueline

Tel : 04-6521600 ext 2011
E-mail: jackie.moey@ipharm-nibm.my

Nur Faezee Ismail

Tel : 04-6521600 ext 2026
E-mail: nurfaezee@ipharm-nibm.my

Mazlianum Mohamed

Tel : 04-6521600 ext 2004
E-mail: mazlianum@ipharm-nibm.my

Muhammad Afiq Aizudin Bin Rosdi

Tel : 04-6521464
E-mail: afiq@ipharm-nibm.my
Asst. Scientist

Mohamad Faiz Hamzah

Tel : 04-6521342
E-mail: faiz@ipharm-nibm.my
Asst. Scientist

Muhd Zulkarnain Mahmud

Tel : 04-6521342
E-mail: zulkarnain@ipharm-nibm.my
Asst. Scientist

Mohd Ferdaues Mohd Subki

Tel :04-6521415
E-mail: ferdaues@ipharm-nibm.my
Asst. Scientist

Nurul Nadieya Mohd Nasim

Tel :04-6521414
E-mail: nadieya@ipharm-nibm.my
Asst. Scientist

Zulfadli Rosman

Tel :04-6521357
E-mail: zulfadli@ipharm-nibm.my
Asst. Scientist

Ilyana Hakimi Ahmad Sabri

Tel :04-6521426
E-mail: ilyana@ipharm-nibm.my
Research Officer

Noorfaiza A.Aziz

Tel : 04-6521200 ext 1436
E-mail: nfaiza@ipharm-nibm.my
Asst. Technology Officer

Ganeswaran Pillai s/o Arumugam Pillai

Tel :04-6521438
E-mail: ganesh@ipharm-nibm.my
Asst. Technology Officer

Mohd Hasnan Mohd Noor

Tel :04-6521200 ext 3573
E-mail: hasnan@ipharm-nibm.my
Asst. Technology Officer

Muhammad Shafif Zainol

04-6521600 ext 2004
E-mail: shafif@ipharm-nibm.my







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